Holistic Mentoring

Juliane Nendel

Hello, my name is Juliane Nendel.

Born and raised in Germany, I call the beautiful island Tenerife my home since I moved here in 2003. Having worked in Entertainment, Guest Service and Coaching, I consider myself a true "People Person", empathetically focusing on problem solution.


In 2013, when my father got diagnosed with Alzheimer Dementia I began studying the mind. 

I wanted to know how it works and how to make permanent changes in behavior to improve my health.

By understanding how the mind functions and how to guide my thinking properly, I not only healed myself but helped my family to stay positive throughout this challenging time.

Now I help individuals and teams transform their flow of thinking to guide them to the results they really want.

About - philosophy

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Juliane Nendel

There is a Silver Lining

in every bad situation..

it´s worth  getting your head around to see the other side of the "problem".

Juliane Nendel