Holistic Mentoring

Juliane Nendel

sustainable me - sustainable we

"I believe we can contribute to the peace of this planet we all share by the way we choose to use and guide our thinking."



With SuMe-SuWe I aim to promote right thinking 

empowering others to thrive

at any age 

individually - teams - businesses 



Go Love Yourself 


I teamed up with Louise Burgess from THE LOFT NATURES ATTIC to create awareness on how you can live more in harmony with yourself,

co-working with and not against yourself. 


Louise is a qualified & advanced aromatherapist.

With THE LOFT NATURES ATTIC she aims to supply handcrafted, 100% Natural, Vegan Friendly, Organic Products at affordable prices.



Go Love Yourself Meetups let you gain more understanding about yourself and how you can implement small sustainable choices in your day to day routine easily.

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