Improve The Results In All Areas Of Your Life..


​About Me

I have been devoted to fitness since the year 1999 when starting out teaching fitness classes. I have since then always been involved in some kind of fitness activity finding myself in a more creative mental state while exercising.
The reason I started studying the mind is because of my fathers discovered Dementia. Through studies of the mind and the

Proctor Gallagher program Thinking Into Results I helped myself and my family to stay positive and I discovered my purpose in life - helping others to bring to light the true capacity within them.

Born and raised in Germany,
I call the beautiful island of Tenerife my home
since I moved here in 2003.
Having worked in Entertainment,
Guest Service and Coaching,
I consider myself a true
"People Person",
empathetically focusing on
problem solution! 

I am passionate about empowering others..
helping people who are willing to improve gain a greater understanding
of who they are and
how their mind works to
improve behavior patterns which 
don't give the results they want.

I love transforming people's lives into
something more meaningful
by applying certain tools for self help.. 
activating your own HEALING POWER WITHIN.

BALANCE is the KEY &

Learn how to guide the power, YOUR MIND to IMPROVE RESULTS in all areas of YOUR LIFE!